Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: 614 Beauty

First-time winner 614 Beauty tied for top spot in the Salon: Makeup category

Dana Randall
A 614 Beauty client with her groom

Delcina Brown’s favorite part about being a makeup artist is witnessing a satisfied client when they see the finished product. “We like to make sure that our brides are comfortable with whatever look they choose. Whatever they want for their big day is what we'll do,” says the 20-year veteran makeup artist and owner of 614 Beauty, which tied for first place in the Salon: Makeup category of our annual reader poll.

Brown attributes 614 Beauty’s success to putting her clients first and investing the time to build a foundation of trust with each one. “It’s personal for us,” she says. “We are very authentic, and really want to get to know our clients.”

A 614 Beauty client

Even though she has a team of contractors working for her, Brown still tries to find time to meet with every client herself. “At the trial, I like to be present because I like to meet all of our clients and get to know them, as well as their needs,” she says.

One of 614 Beauty’s major selling points is that Brown and her staff have no interest in making her brides look like anyone else. “Most of our brides reach out because of past brides we have on our website, who still look like themselves,” Brown says. “A lot of them don't wear much makeup and want to make sure that they don't look cakey or like somebody else on their big day. They see our past work, it looks natural, and they can kind of see themselves in those photos looking like themselves.”

In the past year, she has also added an additional service to her repertoire: skincare. “I recently graduated from esthetics school and am currently offering this service to my clients,” says Brown. “The goal is to have the bride feeling great about their skin and have their skin needs met leading up to their wedding day.”