Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: 614 Boudoir Photography

For the third year running, 614 Boudoir Photography takes home the gold in the Photographer: Boudoir category

Abernathy Miller
Kristin Gibson, owner of 614 Boudoir Photography

Kristin Gibson’s boudoir photography adventure started in 2013—and according to the 614 Boudoir Photography owner and three-time category winner, escalated very quickly.

“Once I realized I could create memories for others, it was all I ever wanted to do,” she says. “Choosing a boudoir photographer can be tricky—there is a lot to consider. So having this title helps future clients know that they will have a great experience with me.”

Gibson believes it's her signature style that sets her apart. “Many boudoir photographers shoot dark and moody. I shoot light, bright and bold,” she says. “I want my clients to see themselves without holding back.”

According to Gibson, the secret to a beautiful shoot is "getting to know your client and what they hope to feel during the session."

But the magic of her boudoir shoots goes way beyond the beautiful photos.

“My favorite part is watching the transformation my clients go through. They walk in shy and nervous, and walk out the door confidently,” she says. “Many of my clients come in with the intention of creating a gift for a partner, but in the end they realized the experience was a gift to themselves.”