Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: Hotel LeVeque

Hotel LeVeque wins Hotel: Newlyweds for the third year and Micro Venue for the second time

Rylan Lee
A ceremony space in Hotel LeVeque

When it was built back in 1927, the building that now houses Hotel LeVeque was the fifth tallest in the world. Today, it’s the first … favorite micro-venue and hotel for newlyweds, according to Columbus Weddings readers.

“One of my favorite stories,” says sales manager Adam Kowaleski, “...[is] in the 1920s, when Amelia Earhart did her cross-country flight, she used the LeVeque tower as an aerial lighthouse, and that was a way for her to pinpoint exactly where she was in the country. …She called [it] a beacon … [So now] we call our hotel the beacon of hospitality.”

The living area portion of a guest suite at Hotel LeVeque

Hospitality does seem to overflow here. In spite of being a small, boutique hotel, Hotel LeVeque offers a wealth of options for soon-to-be-wed couples and their guests. Kowaleski says the hotel has become a popular option for wedding blocks, which they limit to just two per weekend to maintain each couple’s boutique experience. And their luxurious, 815-square-foot getting-ready suites also offer an unforgettable place to take in the day, says Kowaleski.

In addition to its overnight accommodations, Hotel LeVeque was chosen by readers as the ideal spot for small-scale events, which have become increasingly popular. The hotel offers three unique micro-venue spaces that can accommodate smaller groups, as well as themed boutique suites. 

This is the third year the LeVeque has won for best newlywed hotel destination.