Best of Columbus Weddings Winner: Starling Studio

Two-time winner in the Photography category Starling Studio takes the top spot solo this year

Abernathy Miller
Starling Studio owner Tessa Berg

Starling Studio founder Tessa Berg has been photographing and celebrating love for over a decade, crediting her success as a wedding photographer to her photojournalism background.

“My eye for subtle-yet-memorable details means you don't see your love story unfold in your photos; you feel it," Berg says.

Now well into her wedding photography career, it comes as no surprise that what she loves most about her work is celebrating love in every form.

“I've been photographing and celebrating equality, inclusion and love of all kinds,” Berg says.  “I’m immensely grateful for this recognition!"

The two-time category winner is known for capturing both high-gloss, editorial-style shots and candid moments to recreate the big day.

“I take care to capture both magazine-worthy portraits and candid photographs, so you can be transported to the day you confidently said, ‘I do,’ ” she says.  “When it’s all said and done, your photos can bring even the smallest of moments back to life.”