Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Emma Frankart Henterly
Kayla Childs tears up as she reads the note Aaron Childs wrote to her.

This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Columbus Weddings, published June 2019.

It’s customary for couples to exchange gifts the morning of their wedding, though this tradition can take many forms. From a simple delivery of letters via the wedding party to an in-person reading of vows to physical presents large and small, local couples are putting their own spin on this practice.

“I gave Brandi a locket inscribed with our initials and wedding date. It might not be something she wears every day, but it will be meaningful forever.” —Kyle Hojnowski, married Brandi Hojnowski on Nov. 3, 2018

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“We did a ‘first touch,’ and we each wrote a note to the other to read silently in that moment, in each other’s presence.” —Noelle Barson, married Chad Barson on Dec. 7, 2018

“We didn’t exchange gifts, but we wrote cards to one another.” —Katie Shelby, married Mike Shelby on Sept. 1, 2018

“I got him a limited-edition Shinola watch that he’d been eyeing in the store a couple months prior to our wedding.” —Kayla Childs

“I got her a Pandora bracelet with a rose gold charm. The best gift was the letter I wrote to her to go with the bracelet.” —Aaron Childs

Aaron and Kayla Childs, married Oct. 5, 2018

“My husband is a bourbon connoisseur, so I got him whiskey glasses engraved with the map coordinates of two places that were special to us: where we got engaged and where we got married.” —Jessie Gerlach, married Scott Gerlach on Sept. 21, 2018

“A watch with a green mother-of-pearl face. Rob said he wanted to wear green when he got married, but he ended up with a classic black tux. I thought it was a good way to incorporate his favorite color.” —Molly Patridge, married Rob Patridge on Dec. 8, 2017