Head to This Local Jeweler for Your “Something Borrowed”

Argo & Lehne’s bridal jewelry loan program makes every couple feel like stars.

Brooke Preston
Examples of the jewelry available to borrow from Argo & Lehne

This story first appeared in the spring/summer 2021 issue of Columbus Weddings, published in December 2020.

When A-list celebrities hit the red carpet draped in dazzling jewels, they’re often loaned, not owned. This tradition inspired trusted third-generation jeweler Argo & Lehne to launch its Something Borrowed program. Any couple, regardless of whether they purchase their engagement or wedding rings from Argo & Lehne, can to reserve pieces from the carefully curated collection of vintage, contemporary and custom designs to borrow and wear on their wedding day. 

Jewelry may be reserved as far in advance as desired, by shopping inventory online or in the Upper Arlington showroom with the friendly team; backup selections are noted in case first-choice selections are sold come wedding day. Pieces may be picked up two days prior to the wedding and returned the day after, usually by a prearranged friend or relative. 

Examples of the jewelry available to borrow from Argo & Lehne

“Our bridal customers range from first-time 20-somethings to 90-year-olds who have found new love,” says owner Robert Argo. As such, the collection offers pieces (for loan and sale) perfectly suited to a broad range of personal styles. “We had one bride who had a cowboy wedding with a square dance; she borrowed most of our pearl strands and used them as a multistrand belt and multistrand hat band for her 10-gallon hat.” 

Argo adds, “Our business is based on relationships; [we] welcome everyone just as we would our most important lifelong customer.” In other words, you’ll feel like a star. 

Products shown: 18k white gold necklace with 0.49ctw diamonds, $1,990; 18k white gold earrings with white teardrop pearls and 0.41ctw diamonds, $2,320; 18k white gold necklace with 2.56ctw diamonds, $9,800; 18k white gold earrings with 0.52ctw diamonds, $1,960; 14k white gold earrings with 0.97ctw diamonds, $3,500; 18k white gold earrings with 0.36ctw diamonds, $7,600; cultured pearl necklace with 7 to 7.5mm pearls and 14k white gold filigree clasp, $2,000 

 Editor’s note: The print version of this story incorrectly stated that couples must purchase their wedding rings from Argo & Lehne to participate in the Something Borrowed program. No purchase is necessary to borrow wedding-day pieces through this program.