Real Columbus Wedding: Katie Martin & Jessica Morrison

Our cover couple overcame pandemic challenges to create the (safe) wedding day of their dreams.

Rylan Lee
Katie Martin and Jessica Morrison were married Aug. 22, 2020, at The Barn at Heather Glen.

This story first appeared in the spring/summer 2021 issue of Columbus Weddings, which was published in December 2020. 

Aug. 22, 2020 | There couldn’t be a more modern-day, fairy-tale romance than that of Jessica and Katie Morrison. 

It all began on Facebook. In 2008, Katie decided to create a safe-haven Facebook group for local gay women named Lesbians of Ohio. A few years later, Jessica requested to join. 

“I definitely looked through your profile a bit more than other people,” Katie admits to Jessica, “and it’s a big group.” 

Jessica, too, slowly became smitten with Katie after reading her posts in the group. Finally, the pair got to talking on Katie’s post about modern-day families, a topic close to home for Jessica, who adopted her biological niece, Esme, at birth. And it wasn’t long after bonding over the topic that Katie jokingly posted a meme about being single. Jessica saw her chance. 

“In my entire life, I’ve never been the one to make the move,” Jessica says. This time, she did. 

Things easily fell into place for the couple after their first date at the dog park. Their dogs, who graciously accepted roles as dogs of honor at their wedding, were also a happy pair, and Esme, then 6, requested Katie and Jessica marry within three weeks of meeting Katie. 

“[Katie and Esme] are so similar, and they are so bonded. I’m just the luckiest person ever,” Jessica says. 

Jessica knew fairly quickly that she wanted to propose and had planned to wait until a full year after their first date. But, with the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided to speed things up. Some four months earlier than planned, on Christmas morning 2019, she planned a scavenger hunt that led Katie to the ring as well as a letter from Esme asking her to be her “forever mama.” 

The couple quickly planned their wedding for the following year. When the coronavirus pandemic hit and government restrictions came, the two deliberated on whether to postpone the wedding. But thanks to an outpouring of help from friends and having already booked an outdoor venue—The Barn at Heather Glen—they decided to keep their original date and begin their married life as soon as possible. 

The day was filled with special moments, from having to eat their falling cake before dinner to now-7-year-old Esme’s touching speech about her love for Katie. And although COVID-19 dampened their honeymoon plans, they still found a positive spin. 

“At this point, our honeymoon is going to be end up being a five-year anniversary [trip],” Katie laughs.  


Ceremony and reception: The Barn at Heather Glen 

Caterer: Cheers Catering 

Cake: Just You and Me Cakes 

Florist: Griffin’s Floral Design 

Photographer: Amy Ann Photography 

Music: Buckeye Entertainment 

Brides’ attire: BHLDN gowns and Converse shoes 

Hair and makeup: 614 Beauty 

Rings: Etsy and Kay Jewelers 

Flower girl’s gown: Etsy 

Stationery: The Knot and DIY 

Newlyweds’ accommodations: Cabin in Hocking Hills