Meet the Vendor: studioVon

Our Q&A series introduces our advertising partners

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Live event painter Keith Hasenbalg of studioVon and two of his paintings

Tell us about yourself as the face behind studioVon? 

I am Keith "Von" Hasenbalg, a self-taught artist with a lengthy history of architectural illustrations and civic murals. I offer live painting services for weddings through my business, studioVon

What should readers know about your business? 

I generally arrive before the guests arrive to set up, capture reference photos as the first dance unfolds and paint for up to four hours on-site. I then refine the painting in my studio and deliver it to the clients. I also create fabulous gifts from photos provided by you. 

What sets you apart from other live event painters? 


What can engaged couples expect when working with you? 

My full attention to the details.   

What is something you wish more clients knew about hiring a live event painter? 

That they need to contact me early, because there is only one of me!