Bridesmaid Style: Multi-Way Dresses

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Columbus Monthly
Infinity dress with sweetheart neckline, Style 141, Wtoo,

Change your style as the night unfolds.

These days, bridesmaids wearing uniform dresses in the same color is considered the traditional route. The rise of the Pinterest-inspired wedding has paved the way for all kinds of fun twists on tradition: different dresses in the same color, ombre shades or even different colors altogether.

Julianne Nogar, a bridesmaid specialist at Wendy's Bridal Columbus in Dublin, has worked with more brides lately who want to put their own spin on their best ladies' big-day wear. "[Multi-way dresses are] the easiest way to do it when the bride says she wants the same color and she wants different necklines," she says.

The most versatile of bridesmaid dresses, the multi-way dress-also known as a wrap, twist, infinity or convertible dress-has two straps that can be styled for nearly endless looks (Glamour magazine came up with 17 variations, and there are at least a dozen more on Pinterest). Read on for instructions on creating some basic styles.

Short sleeves

Start with one strap over each shoulder, and then cross the straps in back. Wrap the straps around the upper waist to desired length, and then tie them in a bow or a knot in front.


Place straps around opposite shoulders, and then twist straps together behind back to the waist. Bring one strap around each side to the front, and then wrap back around and tie in the back.

One shoulder

Place both straps over one shoulder, and then twist straps together behind back, down to the upper waist. Bring one strap around each side to the front, and tie in front or back.


Place straps around opposite sides of bust, and wrap around back. Then cross straps and wrap them back around the front. Wrap them one more time around to the back and tie. (Tip: Tuck the front into a strapless bra to keep it more secure.) œ

Keep Everything in Its Place

Some materials hold the styles better than others, Nogar says. While jersey dresses stay in place with just a knot or bow, others require a little more preparation. "The best way to go for the chiffon is to take it to a seamstress and have them tack the dress where you want it to keep it secure," she says. Or, for more versatility, use safety pins to change looks throughout the night.