Wedding-Day Preppers: Emergency Kits

Chelsea Savage
Rachel Casto's emergency bag helped her be prepared for her big day.

When it comes to your wedding day, there is no such thing as being over-prepared, especially when it comes to beauty products. Your pictures from this day will last forever, so you'll want to avoid frizzy hair or chipped nail polish at all costs.

It's hard to know exactly what you will and won't need, so we talked to wedding specialist Jamie Rapavy of Columbus Bride & Groom. Rapavy has planned 25 to 30 weddings a year for 15 years, so she knows a thing or two about unexpected beauty mishaps. Here are a few of the items she recommends keeping on hand in your beauty emergency kit.

  • Hair spray – go for a humidity-proof option that will keep your 'do intact through any weather condition
  • Bobby pins – flyaways happen, even with the best hair spray
  • Eye drops – a delicate tear of joy is cute; red, watery eyes are not
  • Makeup – you don't need a full kit, but powder, mascara and lipstick for touch-ups are all musts
  • Cotton swabs – to fix quick makeup mishaps
  • Eyelash glue – if you opt for falsies
  • Blotting papers and/or baby powder – to take care of any nerve- or dancing-induced perspiration
  • Antiperspirant spray or wipes – better than a stick, which can leave marks on your dress
  • Dental hygiene – mints, floss and/or toothbrush and toothpaste to make sure that first kiss is minty fresh
  • Sewing kit – find a travel set, complete with safety pins and extra buttons
  • Scissors – to take care of garment hanger straps or loose threads
  • Nail care – clippers, a file and clear nail polish, plus glue if you have false nails
  • Medicine – keep painkillers, stomach remedies and any medications you take daily on hand
  • Hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls – “We've had people poke themselves and bleed on the bride's dress,” exclaims Rapavy. “Just use hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball to blot and it comes right out.”
  • Corsage pins – getting hugged all day and dancing all night can cause flowers to fall
  • Stain removers – A detergent wipe or pen or even white chalk can be used to remove or cover up marks on a bride's gown
  • Double-sided style tape – fixes everything from fallen hems to ill-fitting dresses

Put your maid of honor or another close friend or family member in charge of transporting your kit from the room where you're getting ready to the ceremony to the reception, so it's always nearby if needed. Bonus: A cute case for your kit can double as a toiletry bag for your honeymoon.