Seasonal Boutonnieres for Fall and Winter

Emma Frankart Henterly

This story first appeared in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Columbus Weddings, published June 2019.

Texture is key for boutonnieres, says Kim Meacham, owner of The Paper Daisy Flower Boutique, who created the four pieces shown here. Non-floral elements add interest for these fall and winter arrangements.

Orange You Glad? (above left)

Spray roses, Monte Casino aster, curly willow, wheat and variegated pittosorum for fall

What a Ball (above right)

Billy balls, aster, boxwood, fern and dried lavender for fall

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Photo by Tim Johnson

Winters’s Rose (above left)

White rose, mini pine cones, evergreen, boxwood and dried nigella for winter

Go Green (above right)

Succulent, evergreen, wintergreen, larkspur buds and variegated succulent leaves for winter