Our Favorite Photos: Black & White Edition

Editor’s picks from the thousands of real wedding photos submitted to us for the current issue.

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Black and white is excellent for showcasing serious emotion, but it works wonderfully to depict joy, too! (Hannah and Eric Young, July 25, 2020)

Who says black and white is boring? Not me! In this week’s edition of Our Favorite Photos, I’m showcasing the major monochrome moments captured by the talented photographers that appear in our pages. Keep scrolling to see the selections! 

Here’s that serious emotion I mentioned; it’s a beautiful thing. (Hannah and Eric Young, July 25, 2020)
Something about B&W photography also conveys intimacy, and a close-up like this only enhances the effect. (Amy and William Reuter, May 4, 2019)
With a well-placed backlight, a simple dance move becomes frame-worthy. (Amy and William Reuter, May 4, 2019)
And reduce the ambient lighting for a stunning silhouette. (Caleigh and Josh Hoskins, July 18, 2020)
Move that backlight to the side for a dramatic, unbalanced spotlight for an equally cool effect. (Caleigh and Josh Hoskins, July 18, 2020)
One more first dance shot, this time with a super-wide angle and a front spotlight to isolate the happy couple. (Lydia and Conor Hollern, Feb. 29, 2020)
Loving the intimacy and sweet silliness of this candid family portrait! (Lydia and Conor Hollern, Feb. 29, 2020)
A good black and white shot accentuates shadows, which is why this bride’s cheekbones slay us! (Amy and Austin Pitts, Sept. 5, 2020)
Upping the contrast makes a simple kissing portrait absolutely pop off the page or screen. (Amy Neiwirth and Bob Amos, Nov. 3, 2019)
Reduced contrast, on the other hand, creates a nostalgic and dreamy feel … even in a parking garage! (Mackenzie and Jim Hirst, Sept. 19, 2020)
Beaucoup natural light transforms this portrait of a bride with her gown and veil. (Mackenzie and Jim Hirst, Sept. 19, 2020)
Isolating that light and upping the contrast creates rich blacks and geometric shapes that grab the eye in a big way. (Jennifer and Jeffrey Hart, Sept. 5, 2020)
Simplicity goes a long way in black and white photography—just look at this ultra-wide shot with the couple silhouetted against the clouds! (Alekhya and Justin Shum, Oct. 5, 2019)
Sparkler exits are always great photo ops, but I especially love them in monochrome. (Hannah and Josh Hamilton, Aug. 15 ,2020)
Even a simple barber shop environment becomes next-level with a talented black and white edit. (Danielle and Zach Hume, May 18, 2019)
I’m obsessed with this quiet ceremony moment, where the flower girl steals all the attention from her moms in the background. (Jessica and Katie Morrison, Aug. 22, 2020)
Finally, we have a hauntingly beautiful bridal portrait, with perfect highlights and shadows along the bride’s back. (Natalie and Joshua McPheron, Aug. 15, 2020)