Photos We Love: Nontraditional Wedding Photography

Get inspired to step outside the box with your wedding photos

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Alicia and Jon Orlando share an embrace on March 12, 2022.

There are a few must-snap shots on every wedding photographer’s list: the first kiss, the cake cutting, the portraits. But your wedding album can—and should!—go beyond the expected to include images that are uniquely you. Below, we’ve rounded up more than 50 variations on three themes to help you and your photographer get inspired to capture something a little different. 

The Quiet Moments 

There’s something magical about capturing an unexpected or mundane moment in a surprising way. These photos play with perspective, framing and lighting to highlight moments that you might not think to have captured otherwise. 

A Different View 

Thoughtful composition and intentional use of lighting make these photos stand out from other ceremony shots or portraits. Many of these images seem serendipitous or effortless, but all require careful planning to achieve effectively. 

Special Effects 

These images stand out thanks to elements like sun flares, light leaks, shifted focus and interesting reflections. These effects can be captured in-camera or added in post-processing, or through a combination of techniques.