Photos We Love: Venue Exteriors

These scene-setting shots are sure to stun.

Emma Frankart Henterly
Columbus Monthly
Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove has two beautiful buildings that are perfect for this trend.

We’re back with more photos that we just love to look at! Today it’s all about something you might be tempted to overlook: the exterior of your venue. There’s something so romantic and dreamy about a photo from the outside looking in, especially when it’s taken at night. It makes for a totally frame-worthy photo that’s both fine art and a cherished memory. For maximum effect, choose a venue that has an abundance of tall windows—you’ll get great natural light during the day, and a prime setting for these types of shots at night.  

Kelsey and Jeff Burke married at Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove in February 2022.

If your venue lacks big, dramatic windows, fear not—you can jump in on this trend and get a similar vibe by asking your photographer to shoot up close to a window that it does have, capturing both the exterior reflection and the interior scene. 

Kelsey and Jeff Burke’s ceremony in the Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove greenhouse

Daytime shots can have their drama, too, with the right framing and composition. 

Megan and Krisztian Lukacs married at Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove in December 2021.

The modern venue space at Oak Grove practically begs for this style of shot, with a vaulted ceiling and windows that go all the way up. 

Sydney and Tim Poehler married at North Bank Park Pavilion in December 2021.

The industrial-chic vibes of North Bank Park Pavilion can serve spooky or romantic, depending on the lighting and your preferences. 

Natalie and Grant Holbrook married at Flora and Field in September 2021.

Rustic venues can get in on the fun, too. If they don’t have tall windows like these at Flora and Field, an open-air patio can provide the same effect. 

Natalie and Grant Holbrook’s reception at Flora and Field

Even a patio can work in a pinch, especially when it’s framed by romantic café lights and rendered in black and white. 

Emily and Matthew Kvalheim married at Swan Lake Event Center in October 2021.

Swan Lake Event Center does boast spaced-out floor-to-ceiling windows, but the drama in this shot comes from the colorfully lit water feature in the foreground as much as it does from the equally colorful dance floor on the right side of the scene.