Columbus Author Teresa Harlow Publishes Second Co-Parenting Book

The former bank executive aims to help divorced couples move past the pain and cooperate to help their children.

Tom Hanks
Teresa Harlow published her second book, “Combative to Collaborative: The Co-Parenting Code,” in September 2021.

Teresa Harlow left her job in corporate America because she felt like she was “missing something.” Now, the former JPMorgan Chase & Co. vice president has released her second book on co-parenting while working as a corporate speaker.

Harlow’s latest book, “Combative to Collaborative: The Co-Parenting Code,” aims to teach parents how to be co-parents after their marriage has ended.

“I wrote ‘Combative to Collaborative: The Co-Parenting Code’ to address those behaviors that, frankly, we never had to deal with. So I felt like I needed to go deeper,” says the Columbus resident, who has been a co-parent since 1999. “In a divorce, there’s a lot of hurt and a lot of pain involved. You can choose how you react to that.”

Released in September through her own Promethean Publishing venture, the book sold a few hundred copies in its first month on Amazon. While her target audience is divorced parents, Harlow says the book will benefit anyone who needs a bit of parenting advice. “It’s also a really great guide for those that are in a blended family, whether that’s a step-parent or a remarried parent,” she says. “I’ve had my challenges with it through the years–and have [come] through those challenges using the same approach.”

Her four-step formula attempts to transform the emotions surrounding parenting after divorce from hurt, loss and anger to consideration, kindness and cooperation.

Harlow self-published her first book on co-parenting, “Happily Divorced: A Journey Through Divorce & Co-Parenting by the Golden Rule,” in 2019.

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A shorter version of this story appears in “Parent Pulse” in the Winter 2021 issue of Columbus Parent.