Central Ohio Family Featured on Grammy-Nominated “All One Tribe” Album

Ceylon Wise of Galena originally wrote, arranged and recorded the song for his family’s YouTube channel, where producers found it.

Chuck Nelson
Ceylon (far right) and Ashley Wise with their sons, Ceylon V (second from right) and Caleb. A song by the Galena family is part of a Grammy-nominated album.

The musical talents of a Galena family will be recognized on a very big stage in April.

“For All,” a song Ceylon Wise wrote, arranged and recorded for his family’s YouTube channel, is included on an album nominated in the Best Children’s Music category at the 64th Grammy Awards

Producers found the song by word of mouth and asked about using it, Wise says.

The album, “All One Tribe” by 1 Tribe Collective, features songs in varying styles from 26 Black children’s artists, released by Bob Marley’s record label, Tuff Gong International.

“All One Tribe” is nominated in the Best Children’s Music category at the 64th Grammy Awards.

The Wise Channel on YouTube, which is closing in on 15,00 subscribers, started as an outlet for creativity for Ceylon and Ashley Wise’s young sons, Ceylon V, 12, and Caleb, 10, and their cousins. “It initially began as a way for me to keep our two boys occupied while Ashley was teaching piano lessons,” Ceylon says. “At that point, they were pretty young and pretty loud as well. We just made songs and created videos.”

As the boys got older, the channel’s offerings also grew, going from fun songs like “I Love My Mommy” and “Chicken Nuggets Rap” to educational pieces including series on Black history and women’s history.

“It’s not unusual for the kids to get off the bus and there’s a song ready for them to record,” Ashley Wise says.

“For All”—written and released in the wake of the national unrest following the May 2020 murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis—questions the idea of whether everyone equally shares in America’s ideals. “It was a very emotional time, and a lot of people had their eyes opened to some issues that had been facing African Americans in particular for quite a while,” Ceylon says. “Some may think that’s a little heavy for a children’s song, but that topic comes up daily in the homes of African Americans and other people of color. So it’s an opportunity to broaden that conversation.”

“We’ve been blessed for teachers to see them as a resource in their classrooms,” Ashley says of the videos, which caught the attention of the album’s producers. “It has really been a cool opportunity and a true honor to be part of this album and contribute in this way.

“To be able to have something to give back to the community now, for other parents to share with their children, that’s positive and uplifting, it is so exciting,” she says.

The entire Wise family plans to attend the ceremony in Las Vegas on April 3. 

“Regardless of what happens, it has just been a blessing to be a part of it,” Ashley says.

Listen to the nominated album on Spotify and at 1tribecollective.com.

A shorter version of this story appears in “Parent Pulse” in the Spring 2022 issue of Columbus Parent.