Memory game

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As the oldest of three girls, I can recall some big moments in my life, like my first birthday. Right now you are probably thinking I am out of my mind, but trust me on this one. It's not like I can remember large chunks of time; more like small moments here and there.

My mother used to think I was a little off too, until I recalled my most vivid first birthday memory of me sitting in my high chair in a party dress and silly paper hat, with cousins all around the table in front of me. We all had little cupcakes. My mom announced that she didn't have any candles in the house, so we should all pretend that we had candles to blow out, and I watched everyone else pretend to blow out my candles.

Not only did it freak my mom out that I remembered this, but it has given me a great little piece of ammunition over the years. When my mom would ask why I hadn't called in the last couple days, I would ask how a mom could forget the candles for her daughter's very first birthday party. Oh, the fun.

I also have a memory from when I was about 3 of my father chasing my mother around the house.

They were laughing and having a great time running around until my mom decided to run up the stairs. My dad followed and caught his little toe on the railing and it snapped. He hopped around in pain, my mom trying to hold back the laughter. I remember how silly they were acting. But they never did tell me why he was chasing her. I guess now I know. Yuck!

I try to keep all of this in mind as I plan my daughter's second birthday party. What little item will she remember? What has happened already that she might recall when we are all a lot older? What embarrassing story will she innocently tell her teacher someday? I shudder at the thought!

Happy birthday, Pumpkin Pie! Mommy bought plenty of candles!

After more than 20 years in central Ohio radio and TV, Stacy McKay left her position as a morning radio co-host to spend more time with her daughter, Olivia. Stacy now writes and speaks about the joys and humor of being a first-time mom in her 40s. Visit