Smooth, soft, and cancer-free

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Columbus Parent

My supposedly "clean and pure" body wash had dangerously high levels of carcinogens in it and my "natural" lip gloss manufacturer would not confirm nor deny that its products were tested on animals. It came as a shock to learn the products I use every day on my face, legs, eyes and month are full of known cancer causing materials. If you want to know what you put on your face every day go to

This mass cleansing prompted my need for new make up. Upon my searching for new, non-cancerous and non-animal tested products I discovered Emily. Emily Skin Soothing Salve is designed to soothe sensitive skin and various skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, diaper rash and psoriasis.

The salve was designed by a certified herbologist to help his daughter who was born with red, dry, itchy bumps on her skin. The salve and bath bar are both real skin quenchers. My normally dry, cracked hands are feeling more supple, and my non-pedicured feet are looking less in need of an appointment. The product is great for severely dry skin, but it might feel greasy to those blessed with moisture rich. With winter coming, everyone will need something to chase the dryness away. The other great thing about product is when I looked it up on my new favorite website it scored a zero, which means there were no harmful chemicals in the product at all.

Emily Skin Soothing Salve is available at Whole Foods and retails for $14 per 2-ounce container (a little goes a loooong way). For more information go to

Written by Alexis Perrone, writer, vegetarian and all around green goddess.