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Nothing says more about human nature than a good scandal - and nothing is more fun to read about. That's largely the reason was launched, starting with the 100 Greatest Celebrity Scandals of All Time an in-depth study of the events that shook popular culture to the core. Hint: It all starts with "Wynona Ryder Likes to Steal." That's just good stuff.

It's this commitment to keeping us informed on breaking news and salacious gossip that keeps bringing us what we crave about celebrities - regardless of whether they're up to minor shenanigans or major acts of depravity. They recently also expanded their vision to include the latest in the world of sex, politics, fashion, music, TV and more.

Visit daily for the latest gossip and paparazzi photos. Plus, if you have something scandalous that you'd like to share, you can even send them an email. Now that's just scandalous.