Plucky Parties

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Welcome, my friends

To the show that never ends

We're so glad you could attend

Come inside

Come inside

-- Emerson, Lake & Palmer

As we Momstylers were thinking of fun things to share with you, we decided that a party is something we don't have often enough.

Mostly it's because we stress over getting it all perfect. Cooking the right things, serving the right drinks, planning the right theme. And the after-party mess is enough to put us over the top.

Enter Plucky, our go-to-gal for all things par-tay. Plucky will give you great party-in-a-box ideas, all the while making it fun and hostess-friendly. Her ideas come from a variety of sources-local, national and some even international. She kind of gets around.

Without further ado, let us introduce Plucky Parties!

Hello loves. So glad to be here to give you my party pointers! As stated earlier, I've got it goin' on around town and want you to learn to let go and have more fun. Have a party just because. It'll freak your friends out and they'll wonder what's wrong with you. And your husband? Well, he'll reap the rewards later, if you know what I mean.

My first pick is a ready-made soiree courtesy of Real Simple magazine. LOVE THAT MAGAZINE! And before summer shines its last warm rays, why not host a clambake?

Go to Here you'll find everything you need to host this laid-back gathering. Even printable invitations are available-FREE!

So, we have invitations. Not a necessity, but a cool way to express yourself. You'll impress little-miss-Martha-Stewart across the street.

Food? Check. Recipes are all online and are fairly easy to put together. Even the dessert uses the last of summer's ripe berries. It's as if you planned it that way.

Drinks? Check check. RS suggests mini-kegs or lemonade. Guess which one I'd pick. Wink ;-).

Finally, games! Horseshoes, you say? Why, lovely! And you can buy them at Target for only $30. Be really devious and make it a drinking game, as RS suggests. Double points if you have the Pretty Woman dress.

Dcor is handled as well. Now, some of you may say, Plucky, no go on the dcor. I have no skills. You DO have skills, Sweetie. You just don't know it yet. I won't steer you wrong, so you must TRUST. Honestly, if you don't like doing the cloth napkin with a ring thing (as you'll see on the RS website), no biggie. Buy the pretty paper dealios and call it a day. Less laundry for later anyway.

Now you've got all the ingredients to make a successful party except for music to download and play. Since clambakes are kinda retro, let's play some ELP, or old Faces, or perhaps Elvis (skinny, cute version please), or anything from Beach Blanket Bingo.

Go forth and party, Dears. You'll need to figure out the clean-up by yourselves.