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For example, women nationwide are using treatments to achieve a bright white smile, but in doing so, they may be neglecting the health of their teeth and gums. That's why Colgate-Palmolive Company launched Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, a new toothpaste that offers consumers an effective way to whiten their teeth and simultaneously help maintain strong, healthy teeth and gums.

To celebrate beautiful and healthy smiles and show that women can have it all without constantly making trade-offs, Colgate is introducing Brooke's Healthy Upgrade Team, a group of experts who provide Brooke Shields with advice to help her look and feel like a star every day. As a celebrity and working mother, Brooke Shields knows that life's juggling act can sometimes get in the way of a beauty routine, but that it's important to try to stay healthy in all areas of life.

By visiting, women can get access to tips on balancing health and beauty from Brooke's Healthy Upgrade Team. Celebrity beauty expert Jeanne Yang, dentist Michele L. Dozier, D.D.S., and fitness trainer Stacey Griffith offer simple healthy upgrade tips that can be incorporated into a daily routine, making it practical and easy for busy moms to be both healthy and beautiful.


Jeanne Yang is one of Hollywood's top beauty and fashion stylists with several celebrity clients including Brooke Shields. As a mother of five-year old twins, she knows how important it is to find quick and easy tips that leave mom with plenty of family time. Some of Jeanne's tips include:

  • Carry a little bottle of jojoba oil, which serves multiple purposes for women on the go. Rub it into your nails and cuticles to moisturize or apply a few drops to your hair, which will help you sweep it up into a quick ponytail or bun.
  • To maintain soft skin and a tanned look, mix a bronzing lotion with body lotion and self tanner. This is also an easy way to skip applying foundation on the face and still achieve a bronzed, even skin tone. Jeanne used this technique on a magazine shoot with Brooke Shields.
  • Take a break from tooth-staining antioxidants such as blueberries and cherries. Instead, try eating oranges, pineapple, and kiwi, each of which is rich in the antioxidants that dieticians recommend but are less likely to stain your teeth.
  • Look for a toothpaste that proactively protects against problems like plaque, tartar build-up, and gum inflammation. olgate Total Advanced Whitening delivers this protection with a unique 12 hour germ-fighting formula. It combines this long-lasting protection with an advanced whitening silica system to help you achieve a bright, healthy smile.
  • Turn on the music and dance. You can even do it while you are washing dishes or folding laundry. It provides a cardio boost to your day and helps burn body fat. One of Brooke's favorite pastimes is dancing with her children.
  • Take the time to "speed smile" by making an exaggerated smile and repeating it at a medium pace for about a minute. It works several muscles in the face and is great for skin elasticity. Smiling also releases endorphins that make you feel happy.