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Ultra Kawaii (Kawaii is Japanese for cute) "showcases the cutest pets on the planet," according to their website. Users send in their pets' saccharine moments and UK "shares them with the world!" Each week, the two best videos go head-to-head in the show's finale, the explosive Kama Cutzie! There's even an Ultra Kawaii blog, by and about the creators-that includes YOU!

Grab your kids and a thousand "awwwww"s will come out of your mouths as you scroll through the super-cute games, photos and videos on this site. Once you watch a quick ad pre-roll, you can watch an awww-inspiring collection of cute animal antics, like skateboarding puppies, kittens and even birds. Plus, the site has snaggables (free downloads) and everything you need to make your own pet videos "ultra" cute.

Then there's

OMG with the sickening sweet (in a good way) pics! They're so cute; they make my teeth hurt just looking at them. You may want to double check the captions on the photos, though, before showing your kids. Not that the site is bad, but today, one of the photos had a caption that said, "If you've never had a kitten in your rack before, I highly recommend it," as she cuddles the kitten in her bosom. Kinda weird. But really cute kitty.

There's a brilliant photo of a 40s-era woman feeding the cutest little piglet since Wilbur. And two baby ducklings are just squishably adorable.

But wait there's more! Did you know there are wigs for DOGS? I kid you not. Keep scrolling down to check out the Yorkie with the soft, cascading Angelina curls. Not enough for you? How about a neon-blue wig with holes for the dog's ears to poke through? In washable synthetic fibers! And here's one that almost made me spew soda through my nose-the comb-over wig. For a dog. 'Nuff said.