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Last issue's question:

My wife and I have never fought in front of our son, but we have had very few arguments over the years. My feeling is that it is best to make sure that nothing derogatory be said in front of the kids about each other. However, parents need to explain to children that adults occasionally have disagreements but it doesn't mean that they don't love each other. Teaching them how to deal with disagreements is the most important.

-Doug (Dublin)

I think it's okay to disagree in front of the kids. They'll learn more about conflict resolution and how to disagree respectfully. I don't advise fighting though, because depending on their ages, they may not understand and it probably would just end up frightening them.

-Jessica (Hilliard)

Children should see their parents disagree and be able to reach agreement, compromise or a solution. If not, how will they learn to fight fair? Life is not without conflict.

-Charlotte (Powell)

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