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When trends die in fashion it's normally a good thing because they probably deserved it. Unfortunately not everything stays buried.

The most recent zombie to rise from the proverbial dead is the fanny pack. When I first read on a fashion blog that this horrendous modification to the purse was making a come back I didn't believe it. I mean, really, who makes themselves look like they are 10 pounds heavier in the tummy region on purpose? Then I worked an event this weekend, and even I, in my migraine riddled state, (I left early and headed straight for bed and a bottle of Excedrin) saw them everywhere.

Let me make this very, very, very clear: They are not cute, they are not "more convenient" and they do make you look stupid. Everyone is watching, pointing and laughing, and they all think you are fatter than you really are. Essentially, everything you ever worried about people saying about you behind your back is true when you are wearing a fanny pack.

So what are we to do when searching for an alternative to a heavy purse? It's easy, do anything else besides a fanny pack. Here are a few much more stylish and convenient alternatives:

The Emo Bag / Messenger Bag

This easy, over the shoulder bag sits across the body so valuables are secure, weight is distributed, and both hands are free to wrangle the kids.

The Cross Body Bag

This long bag with a lengthy strap crosses over the body like the Emo Bag so valuables are again secure and easily accessible. The longer body of the bag makes it more vertical and full of cool compartments for all your stuff.

If you need you hands free, but need to carry money, toys, check book, lip gloss, and so on, there are options that can make you look more like a "has it all together" woman and less like a kangaroo.