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Peekaboo Bedtime

By Rachel Isadora

A perfect book to share with young children at the end of the day. Follow a toddler who prepares for bed by playing a favorite game with familiar people and objects. Ages 1-5.

Don't Worry Bear

By Greg Foley

Bear is concerned about his friend Caterpillar, who has climbed into a snug cocoon. Through good weather and bad, he checks on Caterpillar, only to find a surprise when spring returns. A gentle tale about the lasting power of friendship. Ages 2-6.

The Pigeon Wants a Puppy

By Mo Willems

Everyone's favorite feathered friend has decided he would like to have a puppy. Pigeon is convinced that he is prepared for the responsibility of caring for a pet ... but is he REALLY ready? Another laugh-out-loud title from popular author Willems. Ages 3-8.

Keisha Ann Can!

By Daniel Kirk

A great introduction to the routines of the classroom, this story follows Keisha Ann through a typical school day. With a positive, upbeat message and rhyming text, this book will help calm nerves and stir up excitement for both new and returning students. Ages 5-8.

Hooray for Reading Day!

By Margery Cuyler

Jessica is a first-grader who is struggling with reading. When her teacher announces that the class will be dressing in costumes and reading for an audience, Jessica panics. An entertaining and supportive story to share with an older child who may be experiencing similar reading challenges. Ages 6-10.

The Sky Inside

By Clare B. Dunkle

Living in a "perfect" domed suburb known as HM1, Martin goes about a daily routine that offers peace and security. When a group of genetically engineered children that includes Martin's younger sister are threatened, he finds himself challenging the idealized world he has always known. Ages 12 and older.