Back to life; back to reality

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

And so it begins. Another school year has started. Now we have time to relax, take some time for ourselves, and maybe get a few projects done around the house. Who are we kidding?

What back to school means in my house is lunch packing, running to sports practices and games, homework, and the filling out of the endless multitude of forms, forms, forms! Those lazy days of summer are but a distant memory. And by the time I get to work each day, my morning routine has knocked me out.

We all have too much to do. But take a few minutes and read our story on parental guilt. Also timely is the article about how to eliminate (or at least slow down) homework hassles. We take on organic foods vs. conventionally grown foods and see how the experts weigh in. Read about the value of family downtime, then get some ideas on how to share those precious moments from our list of 20 things to do in autumn.

Being a summer girl, I always get just a little bit sad when fall approaches. But then I remember how, when the days get shorter, the family goes inside, snuggles up, and hangs out together. With my oldest in high school now, I know how fast these times go by. And I don't want to miss a moment.