Backyard garden railways tour set

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

The Columbus Garden Railway Society (CGRS) will have a number of backyard garden railroads open to the public from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 7.

This is the 15th annual tour, which is sponsored by the Horticultural Subcommission of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

There is no charge for the event, which will go on rain or shine. The full list of participating gardens follows. An interactive locator map can be found on the CGRS Web site,

Kent and Jane Underwood, 9088 Moors Place N., Dublin

Robert and Kathy Duggan, 2245 Sutter Parkway, Dublin

Barbara and Richard Abler, 990 Blind Brook Drive, Worthington Hills

Jim and Lorinda Shell, 1456 Abbeyhill Drive, Worthington

Bill and Karen Logan, 1421 Norma Road, Columbus

Alvin and Beverly Mann, 5497 Crawford Drive, Columbus

Randy and Robbie Ketcham - 210 Ceramic Drive, Columbus

Bob and Harriet Dana, 5311 Courtney Place, Columbus

Mike and Jenny Walls, 4812 Vinson Court Hilliard.

Dan and Katy Hill, 1433 Inglis Ave., Grandview.

Ed and Lottie Flowers, 432 S. Wayne Ave., Columbus.

Bill and Diane Lott, 5043 Harbor Blvd., Columbus.

Craig and Audrey Bigrigg, 6111 Northridge Road, Johnstown

Gail and Jerry Klink, 4063 Goose Lane, Granville

Dwayne and Aicha Whybrew, 287 Monarch Drive, Pataskala.