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According the site, PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on a postcard. It was started three years ago by a man simply named Frank, who invited people to mail him their secrets.

On his MySpace page, a video compilation tells about the three surprises he encountered upon receiving these tell-alls: 1) the soulful artwork that came on the postcards; 2) the tens of thousands of secrets that were mailed; and 3) astonishment over the frailty and heroism he sees in the secrets of ordinary people like you and me, living our everyday lives.

On the homepage of PostSecret is a postcard from an ex-wife of a military man, who hopes that if her ex-husband should die in service, his family would remember to tell her. Another is from a man who claims he "likes talking about his sexuality because he knows it makes his dad uncomfortable." Then there's the wife who "wants to quit her great job to stay home and wait on her husband hand and foot."

Some of the postcards are sad, some are hilarious and some disturbing. I thought the site was more tongue-in-cheek at first glance, but upon deeper inspection, it actually moved me.

Frank says, "There are two kinds of secrets. Ones we hide from others, and ones we keep from ourselves." But for the price of a postcard, all can be forgiven. The truth indeed shall set us free.