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Seventh Generation offers a full line of cleaning, baby, and hygiene products all made without petroleum and with recycled paper materials. I've used these products ever since they popped up in my local grocery store and I am never going back to the "traditional" cleaners again.

The main difference I can see between "traditional" and these Seventh Generation cleaners is I am not dizzy when I clean any more and my house smells clean and not like an irritating bleach bottle when I am finished. My hands are not chapped and red and the light-headedness that normally accompanied cleaning the shower has disappeared.

The best part is I know exactly what is in these cleaners and diapers (it's all listed online) and I can see exactly how buying Seventh Generation products helps the environment. On their website

On the website you can sign up to get coupons for the products, find out how to become more involved in green efforts, or read up on blogs and get answers from green experts. All this from a cleaning website?It's so much more than that.

Would you like to try a Seventh Generation product?Email , be one of the first 10 people to email why you want to try a Seventh Generation product and we'll send one out to you for free! If you have a baby make sure to let us know and we'll try to send you baby specific items!

Written by Alexis Perrone, writer, vegetarian and all around green goddess