Dublin dog park to open Sunday

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Dogs are getting a place of their own in Dublin where leashes won't hold them back.

Nando's Dog Park in Darree Fields Park, 6259 Cosgray Road, will officially open at 10 a.m. Sunday. The first city-owned dog park is named for the city's first police canine unit.

"We have been getting resident requests for the dog park for years," said landscape architect Laura Karagory. "We're anxious to see how this works, to see how many complaints we get and how well received it is. We very much respond to residents when it comes to requesting new facilities."

The two-acre dog park offers both a small and large dog area for dogs to run, play and roam. The large breed area has a walking area for owners. There also are benches, a picnic table and trash cans. Dublin also has designed a box where residents can donate plastic grocery store bags for reuse in pet waste removal.

"There are normally boxes with bags provided for waste removal, but it's hard to maintain from a restocking view and it adds an operational cost," Karagory said. "We're hoping people will bring plastic grocery bags and donate them for use in the dog park. A lot of people don't recycle and this is much better than going straight to the landfill."

In conjunction with the opening, the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research will hold a two-mile walk to raise pet cancer awareness. Registration starts at 10 a.m., and the walk starts at noon. The cost to participate is $25. More information can be found at www.firstgiving.com/pcawalkcolumbus.

The Blue Buffalo Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2003 to provide a source of funds for universities and clinics that have programs dedicated to gaining a greater understanding of the causes, treatments and prevention of cancer among pets, according to its Web site.

Designs for the dog park started in 2004, but it was not included in the city's budget until 2007, Karagory said. It cost $105,000 to build.

Owners who bring their dogs to the park are asked to clean up any of their pet waste and keep their dogs on leashes until inside the gate of the dog park, Karagory said.