Halloween hoopla

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Join Barney, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, and more of your favorites for some loveable Halloween fun in the Halloween Spooktacular! Barney takes you trick-or-treating in your very own magical costume. Bob the Builder gets you worked up with a batty adventure. Fireman Sam teaches fire safety with scary jack-o-lanterns. Thomas and Friends takes you on a hair-raising ride to see a ghostly engine that disappears in a puff of smoke. All of this on one DVD! Available on Amazon.com for $12.99.

There's nothing like a good murder-mystery. The classic game of Clue is getting a modern-day makeover to make it more thrilling than ever. An extravagant celebrity-style mansion becomes the scene for the night in question when the rich owner of the property tragically meets his demise. While the usual suspects remain the same, new rooms and new deadly weapons provide twists to the classic game. Ages 9 and up. Available at retailers nationwide for $15.99.

Capture those candy-filled smiles forever with the Kodak single-use digital camera. Kodak's portfolio of single-use cameras are now loaded with 800-speed film that provides brighter colors along with unbeatable clarity, guaranteeing clearer, sharper, brighter pics in any condition--indoors, outdoors, action or still. Go to http://www.kodak.com/go/SingleUseCamera.

Starting this fall, six-packs of Evian Les Petits Natural Spring Water will make their debut in stores across the U.S. The bottles feature fun new graphics of trendy, urban moms with their children, as well as images of colorful sea creatures. Perfect for little hands and thirsty trick-or-treaters! Available in stories nationwide for around $5.49.

These three new Goosebumps DVD titles include monster mysteries, a roller coaster ride of terror, the discovery of strange glowing green goo and more frightening tales. Each frightful Goosebumps DVD features several bone-chilling episodes and is available for $14.98 at retailers nationwide. Plus, Fox Home Entertainment offers a special on-package discount offer: Buy two of these new Goosebumps titles and get $3 off your next purchase of any other title. Or buy all three and get $6 off other Goosebumps titles.

After the scary movies and creepy costumes, your little one may want to sleep with the lights on. The Good Nite Lite comes to the rescue! Designed for kids ages 3 to 5, this new behavioral modification device encourages children to learn healthy sleeping habits, and not just on Halloween. The only indicator young children have for their daily schedule is the natural rise and fall of the sun and moon. Parents can pre-set the Nite Lite for a certain period of time for sleeping, one that blends with the family schedule. When the pre-set "bedtime" arrives, parents show the child the Good Nite Lite, which turns from a cheerful sun caricature to a peaceful moon caricature. In the morning, the moon changes back to the sun at the pre-set time, demonstrating to children the acceptable time to get out of bed and start the day--even if the natural sun is shining bright. Available for $34.99 at www.goodnitelite.com.

Sleep gives our bodies time to repair and our minds a chance to recharge. Sleep gives us time to dream, to reflect and to contemplate a source of encouragement in our lives. With enough sleep one will feel less stressed, be more creative, fight off illness and have a more productive and rewarding life. DreamAid Pillow Covers are designed to aid in this process by actually letting you sleep on the wish that you desire and erase the stresses of the day, while also helping you tap into a blissful dream state. You can choose from many different peace-inducing sayings, including a special Dreaming of a Cure message for breast cancer awareness month. A percentage of proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The covers retail for around $24. See the complete catalog at www.dreamaidproducts.com.