Steps to stay financially safe when traveling this fall

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

To help travelers prepare for the fall travel season, American Express has developed the following tips to help travelers keep their money safe and secure:

  • Travelers should determine how much they have to spend before leaving on vacation this fall. It is a good idea to allow for extras, because vacationers typically want to treat themselves.
  • Travelers should never rely on just one means of payment; they should carry a diversified wallet that includes credit and charge cards, local currency and refundable travel money like travelers cheques. Unlike cash, travelers cheques offer peace of mind because they are fully refundable if they are lost or stolen, usually within 24 hours. Travelers cheques can be cashed for local currency at thousands of locations worldwide, including banks, foreign exchange houses and hotels.
  • Travelers should budget wisely and decide the best use of different payment methods in advance. For example, you may decide to use local currency for incidental expenses, charge and credit cards for bigger purchases and travelers cheques for emergencies or to settle a hotel bill.
  • Before leaving home, travelers should make a list of their travelers cheques serial numbers and keep the list separate from other valuables. They should give a copy to a family member at home so they may contact them in case of an emergency.
  • Distribute the risk. Travelers should not keep all their valuables in one place and lock valuables in their luggage or in a hotel safe.
  • Travelers should use caution when withdrawing cash from ATMs. Take small amounts and make sure no one can see their PIN number. When possible, use an ATM inside a bank and put money and cards away before leaving the building.
  • Travelers should be familiar with the benefits and services that come with credit cards and travelers cheques. This can help keep one's vacation on track when the unexpected happens. Most provide worldwide passport and credit card replacement services and emergency medical referral and assistance.

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