All hands on tech

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Columbus Parent

For those of you who actually made it to the end credits of the movie Napoleon Dynamite, you may remember Skip singing the annoyingly catchy tune, I Love Technology. Surely, our kids agree with that sentiment.

I admit my household is quite plugged in. We have it all -- handheld games, video game systems (several), computers (several) and of course, TVs (too many). Don't worry, we still read books. Although sometimes I have to threaten the kids to do so.

But I worry. When they're on the computer, are they safe? Are predators trying to approach them? Have they been exposed to something other than a PG-rated site? We talk about these things around the dinner table and they tell me "it's FINE, Mom!" But I still worry.

This month's article on safe computer surfing is right on time. With the cooler weather, odds are your children are spending less time outdoors and more time online. We have advice from the Franklin County Sherriff's Office about how to keep your kids safe.

Since it's National Adoption Month, we spotlight a few adoptive families who speak out about what adoption has taught them. We're also getting a head start on the holidays with our story about gifts kids can make (I know it seems early, but they're right around the corner). And with holiday shopping in mind, now's the time to review your financial situation. We've got you covered with an article specifically for women--from young adults to the newly married, and from the baby stage to retirement.

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