A different kind of Christmas

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

I'm sure by now you've read the stories and seen the tributes after the passing of 10TV News anchor Heather Pick. And you may be wondering if she was really everything the countless stories have painted her to be.Short answer: yes. Longer answer: not so much.

Let me clarify. Heather was every bit the professional news journalist. She got the facts, asked the difficult questions, and reported without bias. But she had another side. Her co-workers could tell you that off camera, Heather was quite fond of bodily noises and functions, as well as having fun in the news studio, which sometimes involved chucking cookies at the camera operators across the room.

It all sounds quite childlike, doesn't it? But that was and always will be Heather's legacy. Like children, she found those happy little bits in life and squeezed them for all they were worth. She enjoyed the very essence of life, even through her long and arduous cancer treatments.

And I don't believe there could be a person more supportive of Heather than her husband, Joe. As one friend said to him, "You are a model husband, father and friend." We all agree.

I've felt since her passing indelibly changed. Like I've been given a new pair of eyes through which I look at everything so differently. I admit I can be a cynical glass-half-empty person. That's where I always found my humor. But now I'm stopping more to just BE. Enjoying my kids more. Loving more. Learning more.

And it's all because one person changed my entire view of life.

I challenge all of you to do the same.

To avoid the season's commercialism and slow down to enjoy this precious time we have, especially with our kids. Take time for your significant other. Take time for you. As my mom says, "Life is not a dress rehearsal." Amen to that.

In your holiday gift giving, why not donate in a loved one's name to a favorite charity or one of the charities Heather supported so lovingly: The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Stephanie Spielman Fund. Make a difference by being the difference.

In Heather's own words, "Don't wait. Give someone an unexpected gift just because you appreciate them. Take

your own loved ones to a cherished

community treasure or try something completely new."

I know she's smiling down on us. And for that we're all truly blessed this year. Happy holidays from all of us at Columbus Parent Magazine!