Chapelfield to present 'The Animals' Holiday Tree'

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Chapelfield Elementary School students are learning a little about being green with the holiday program, "The Animals' Holiday Tree."

During the musical the animals of Winterwood go on a search when their favorite pine tree goes missing one morning.

Music teacher Julie Porretta said she chose the musical because of its "going green" theme.

"The prize tree is missing," she said. (The animals) venture to the village to find it. The town folks are dancing and singing around it."

Porretta said the tree is decorated for the holiday season. The animals realize the tree is more beautiful decorated than standing in Winterwood. They agree to let the village cut down a tree every year for the holidays if they plant a new young tree in its place.

First-grader Benjamin Brody plays as one of the narrators. His favorite part is the animals.

"There are animals in it," Brody said. "There is a cardinal, a bear, a squirrel and a dear."

Second-grader Daniel Jones plays a bear. He said the animals are looking for their tree. His favorite song is "Hang the Decorations."

"I like the music to the song," he said.

Second-grader Zoe Gardner plays the cardinal.

"Being the cardinal was fun because it is the Ohio state bird," she said. "It is just fun being in the show."

Porretta said the show also makes sense because Chapelfield is diverse in religion and culture.

"It is more about the holiday season: families being together rather than the celebration of one particular holiday," she said.

Songs include "The Search," "On a Wintery Night," "Merryville Carol" and "Light the Lights."

The musical will be performed at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 16, in the Middle School West auditorium, 350 Stygler Road.