Do airfare bargains still exist?

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

(SPM Wire) With gas prices maintaining high levels, airlines are simultaneously eliminating flights, cutting perks and increasing fares -- leaving travelers to wonder if cheap flights are still possible.

"Good deals do exist; don't let today's gloom and doom news get you down and deter you from taking that well-deserved vacation with your family," said Carl Schwartz, chief travel officer for, a search engine that allows flexible travelers to easily find cheap flights.

"By taking the time to search for a deal, you will find something that works for you. Keeping your options open will go a long way toward finding something that makes everyone happy without breaking the bank," he said.

The experts at are offering several suggestions for finding the best airfare bargains:

  • Be flexible on travel dates and times.
  • Consider alternate, but similar destinations. For a warm, coastal vacation for instance, visit the Dominican Republic where the U.S. dollar is still strong and prices are lower than for other Caribbean hotspots.
  • Compare prices from nearby airports. If you live in a metropolitan area, look for cheaper flights at smaller, outlying airports.
  • Check one-way fares. Sometimes, two one-way tickets are cheaper than round-trip.
  • Sign up for "deals" newsletters. Many online newsletters often include deals on vacation packages and hotel accommodations.