Sick and tired

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Sick of winter, that is. I don't know about you, but I'm counting down the days until spring. A little over 3 months from now the snow, Alberta Clippers and wind chills will be distant memories. And being a summer girl, I can't wait.

This month's issue includes themes of which I'm well aware. With my brood of four, odds are at least one of them is coming down with, in the throws of, or recovering from some sort of winter illness. Our handy chart will help parents make the sometimes difficult decision of whether or not to keep kids home when they're not feeling well.

Want to escape the cold weather? Why not start planning your spring break vacation now? We have great ideas on where to go and how to save money along the way. We even have tips and games to keep kids busy in the car so you don't have to hear, "He's touching me!" At least not as often.

And what should you and your kids wear on that trip? We have the first look into what's hot in spring fashions by Columbus' own Wardrobe Therapy. Stock up now and you'll have another thing to look forward to in the spring thaw.

I think my favorite feature this month is actually not even in the magazine: it's on our website. Our writer interviewed a couple married over 55 years (!) to find out their secrets for a long and happy marriage.

The audio file is absolutely heart-warming and is available only on For the magazine, we threw in a really fun Valentine's Day quiz, a hint helper for your man and another web exclusive: a questionnaire for you and your sweetie to answer together. We hope it sparks great conversation and maybe a little something else.

Happy Valentine's Day!