Common Sense Media Awards honor the best and worst of kids' media in 2008

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Common Sense Media, the nation's leading nonpartisan organization dedicated to giving parents the tools and information they need to manage the influence that media has on their kids' lives, announced their selections for the best and worst of kids' media in 2008 at the Fifth Annual Common Sense Media Awards.

"In 2008, we truly saw how media and technology are affecting the way our kids interact with the world," said James P. Steyer, CEO and founder of Common Sense Media. "We watched as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter empowered an entire generation and inspired its creativity, while at the same time we saw that those same technologies can be used to damage reputations and send negative messages. We're at a turning point in America for technology policy, and it's more important than ever to honor those who are really working to improve how media will influence our kids' lives, as well as to shine some light on the trends that are the most dangerous."

Here is the complete list of honorees:


Nickelodeon's "Kids Pick the President," for using new media to create a generation of global citizens, both through this campaign and over the network's lifetime.

The Imagination Movers, for their popular Playhouse Disney show on the Disney Channel, which inspires creativity and imaginative problem solving.

The Jonas Brothers, for serving as strong positive role models for kids and teens.

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, for his efforts in advancing digital media education and regulating advertising targeted toward youth markets.

Sacred Heart Schools of San Francisco, for their enthusiastic adoption of the Common Sense Schools Parent Media Education Program.


The girl fight phenomenon on YouTube, for encouraging girls and young women to engage in dangerous and exploitative behavior.

Inappropriate ads during NFL broadcasts, for creating awkward and uncomfortable situations during family TV time.