Daughter's artwork inspires tattoo

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

When 8-year-old Alexis brought home her artwork from school, it was all folded up inside her schoolbag. Once I opened up the piece, I was so amazed, not for just the things parents do for their children, but truly amazed at the image I was holding before my eyes. I had the piece immediately framed and hung over our fireplace in our living room, for all to see the work of art my daughter created.

The original piece of art was created three years ago (with some direction from her second grade teacher) utilizing crayons, water colors, pencil and textured panels. Alexis is currently in the fifth grade at Worthington Park.

Several months had passed and I had contemplated making this piece of art a permanent part of my body by having it tattooed. I began this process in January of 2007 with a local tattoo icon, Durb Morrison, when he tattooed the first of the 8 hearts on my upper left shoulder blade.

Over the next two years I had seven other phenomenal artists tattoo the rest of the images; Jeff Stelle of American Proverb, Kat Moya of The-Artful-Dodger, Giovani of High Street Tattoos South, Amanda Leadman of Smart Bomb Tattoos, Hayley Lakeman of Fu's Tattoos in Charlotte, NC, Brian "Monk" Taylor of Infinite Arts, and lastly Joshua Carlton of The Great American Tattoo Company in Indianapolis. The tattoo was completed in December of 2008 with Alexis getting to tattoo her name on my back all by herself, obviously with the support and watchful eye of an extraordinary tattoo artist.

Later that same month, Alexis and I approached a local frame and art shop in the Grandview area to present the idea of selling the image on postcards within his store. Tim O'Neill of Reed Arts in Grandview fell in love with the image almost instantly, as I did two years ago. Tim said he would be interested in doing an entire window display at his store located at 909 W. Fifth Ave in Grandview.

As of February 8, 2009, you could drive down Fifth Ave. and see my 10-year-old daughter's artwork hanging proudly in the main window of Reed Arts, along with a billboard further up Fifth Ave. advertising her work and where to find it. On February 21, there was an artist's signing day when Alexis signed her name to any copies of her artwork that people had purchased in the different medias that were available: 4x6 post Ccards, 12x18 prints, 24x36 posters, and 4x6 folded greeting cards.

Please feel free to check out Alexis' work by stopping in Reed Arts to see it in person. Shoot Alexis an e-mail to let her know what you thought if her artwork: lexislove98@gmail.com.

I hope the image my daughter created brings a smile to your face as it has done to mine and my entire family and friends. This is something Alexis hopes to build upon as she continues her education here in Columbus, on her way to become a teacher.

Written by Dad, AKA Brian Fisher