Mom on wheels

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Columbus Parent

Spring is finally here and so is warmer weather. My daughter and I are thankful for the chance to get outside again and join the parade of strollers and wagons in the neighborhood.

She prefers that I pull her in her wagon, and I don't blame her. She has a really cool wagon ... with the fold-down seats, full canopy and even cup holders for her favorite sippy cups. I never had a wagon like that growing up. In fact, pretty much everything my daughter has is much nicer than the stuff I played with.

It seems like more of us Baby Boomers are interested in our kids' toys than ever before. We play with their XBoxes and Wiis and all the cool games that go along with them. We want to be rock stars in Rock Band or Guitar Hero, and why not? We can enjoy their toys as much as they do, especially since we paid for them.

We have even taken over some of the social networking websites youngsters started. What I like about all of these things is that I can do them in the privacy of my own home. I'm not really a good bowler, so I can practice on the Wii and nobody is the wiser.

I can tag someone on Facebook without having to chase them first. I can do just about everything from my living room if I wanted to, but I've decided to get outside and enjoy the spring air for a change, by taking my daughter to the zoo.

While I was hauling the princess around in her fancy wagon, I watched a young girl rolling around in her Heelys - tennis shoes with wheels in the soles. As she wheeled her way around the zoo, I started thinking about how I could benefit from these wheeled shoes. A couple of years ago I thought they were kind of silly and dangerous.

Now I find them intriguing. My 2-year-old keeps me running so much I began to fantasize about how easily I could get everything done in a day, simply by putting a set of wheels under my feet. I could pop them in and out when I needed to, and could keep up with my daughter without any trouble.

As I was planning the purchase of my own pair, I watched the girl take a spill on the concrete. Real, hard concrete; not a virtual floor. She wasn't really injured, but then she's a whole lot younger than I am. And just like that, my fantasy was over.

I guess I'd better stick to the toys that won't bruise anything more than my ego. If you see a woman riding in a wagon with her little girl at the zoo, would you please give us a push?

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