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Unbuttoned: Women Open Up About the Pleasures, Pains and Politics of Breastfeeding

In this book, 25 women share their thoughts and feelings about breastfeeding. The essays are organized in a way that echoes the chronology of the nursing experience itself. Within these pages are laughter and tears, love and longing, tenderness and temper tantrums-and above all, a multifaceted portrait of what it means to nurture a baby. Any mother who has ever gone through nursing a baby will be able to relate to these women's stories and relish in the fact that she is not alone. Available at Barnes and Noble for $11.20.

Baby Bigga Goes to the Zoo, by Samantha Gross

Do you remember your first time going to the zoo? Seeing all of the animals with different shapes and colors, Baby Bigga takes readers with him on his journey to the zoo. With colorful pictures and a little imagination, this book teaches kids about animals and colors. Perfect for your child if he is just learning to read. Available at Barnes and Noble for $12.99.

Peter Rabbit Peekaboo!

Once again readers enter the world of Peter Rabbit. This time using die-cut flaps to reveal favorite Peter Rabbit characters including Jemima Puddleduck, Squirrel Nutkin and Tom Kitten, hidden behind them. This book is eco-friendly and interactive for your child. Available at Barnes and Noble for $6.99. For ages 3-5.

Peter Rabbit Snuggle

Does your child like to snuggle with a blanket? Peter Rabbit Snuggle is the perfect book to fall asleep with. It's made from soft organic materials so it's safe for your child. The book's theme is all about bedtime and makes a great pillow for your child once she is finished reading. Available at for $10.19. For ages 3-5.

Peter Rabbit Baby Book

Parents want to record every waking moment in their child's first year of life. Why not do so with the new eco-friendly Peter Rabbit Baby Book by Beatrix Potter? This book has been made from recycled material and uses environmentally-friendly vegetable inks with chlorine-free and acid-free paper. It offers many spaces for photographs and envelopes for keepsakes. This baby book will bring joy and memories for a lifetime and help save the planet all at once. Available at for $10.18.

Good Egg, by Barney Saltzberg

Never thought you could have fun with an egg? Barney Saltzberg makes it possible in his book, Good Egg. With just a pull or lift of a tab, you can make an egg sit, lie down, roll over, catch and speak in this interactive children's book. Good Egg is simple, but entertaining. Egg has neither eyes nor smile, yet exudes an adorable, eager-to-please charm. You and your child will crack up by the surprise ending. Available at Barnes and Noble for $9.95.

The New Mom's Survival Guide: How to Reclaim Your Body, Your Health, Your Sanity, and Your Sex Life After Having a Baby, by Jennifer Wider, M.D.

Mothers-to-be will see a doctor many times before their babies are born, but what happens after arrival? This is the question Jennifer Wider attempts to answer in The New Mom's Survival Guide. This book is filled with eye-opening statistics and addresses all areas of postpartum health including self care, sex after pregnancy, postpartum depression and anxiety, going back to workor not, marital strain and diet and fitness. This is the ultimate resource that new mothers will want to turn to again and again. Available at Barnes and Noble for $15.

How'd They Build That? Fire Truck and Big Truck DVDs

These great videos let viewers see exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at some of the country's most renowned assembly plants, showing how different types of vehicles-emergency, utility, delivery, construction, service and agricultural-are built, from frame stamping to assembly, engine installation to paint, to final inspection and activation. Vehicle enthusiasts of every age will enjoy themselves. Available at for $8.99.

Spilt Milk: Devotions for Moms, by Linda Vujnov

Being a mother is a full-time job. Sometimes mothers get so busy that they forget to enjoy it. Linda Vujnov is a busy mom who wrote Spilt Milk for those like her. She uses her own experiences and presents life through hilarious stories while weaving practical advice and Biblical applications into each reading. Available at Barnes and Noble for $10.39.

Assaulted by Joy, by Stephen W. Simpson

New moms are not the only ones who should get attention. Dads are going through some big changes as well. Stephen Simpson, a self-described "jerk" who discovers the inescapable tension between joy and suffering when he becomes the father of quadruplets. Each chapter recounts events that teach lessons about God, life, love, marriage, and the assaulting joy of being a new father. Available at for $11.69.

Cooking for Baby: Wholesome, Homemade, Delicious Foods for 6 to 18 Months, by Lisa Barnes

There is never a better time to start having your kids eat healthy than while they are still babies. Lisa Barnes provides 80 delicious, wholesome and easy-to-make recipes featuring fresh ingredients and seasonings in Cooking for Baby. It also primes baby for solid foods, gives helpful tips on things like food allergies and how to handle picky eaters. Great for moms who want a healthier alternative to store-bought baby foods. Available at for $15.59

Momnesia: A Humorous Guide to Surviving Your Post-Baby Brain, by Shannon Payette Seip and Adrienne Hedger

In early 2008, CNN reported a study that found 82 percent of women claimed some type of absentmindedness during pregnancy and shortly after giving birth, including memory loss and an inability to concentrate. If you're a new mommy then you probably know all about "momnesia." This book is filled with hilarious how-to tips and drawings that help new moms to realize this common condition they've succumbed to is not endless-or serious. Available at Barnes and Noble for $10.39.

Happy Baby, Happy You: 500 Ways to Nurture the Bond with Your Baby, by Karyn Siegel-Maier

The experience of bringing a child into the world can range from exciting to overwhelming. Every day of baby's first year is filled with intense joy and wonder, as well as moments of fatigue and self-doubt. Happy Baby, Happy You will help new parents ensure that their newborn is healthy and happy from the inside out. Available at Barnes and Noble for $8.76.

Epicuren Baby

Skincare is more than just beautifying; it maintains an essential component of the body's immune system. When the skin is compromised, so is the body's ability to protect itself, which is why the care and maintenance of skin, particularly the tender, delicate skin of babies, is important. Epicuren Baby products are made from organic ingredients and are completely free of unhealthy chemical residues. Even the packaging is green. Available at from $14.50 to $59.00.

First Juice

Did you know there are purple carrots? New blueberry-purple carrot and peach-purple carrot join the apple-carrot and banana-carrot First Juice flavors. First Juice is the first organic fruit and vegetable juice, designed specifically for young children. It has 50 percent less sugar than apple juice. First Juice is sold in spill-proof, BPA-free sippy-top containers that are great for on-the-go parents. Available at from $5.99 to $31.81.

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