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The area is beautiful and the kids always had a lot of fun taking part in the many activities the resort provides. My son-in-law loved the golf course and my daughter and I loved relaxing by the pool. We haven't been in a while because my oldest grandson prefers to hang out close to home. Heaven forbid he should miss a phone call or not be around if he gets a better offer.

Because I haven't been able to visit the area recently, I wanted to be sure the special offerings at the resort were still available. Nancy Dean from the Atwood public relations department assured me the Memorial Day weekends are just as much fun as ever. "Even the tie-dyed shirt-making and the dancing in the volleyball sand court?" I asked. "Yes," Dean said, "all of it. We also have many family reunions at the resort," Dean said. That's when I remembered talking to people who were there with four or five generations of their families; all having the time of their lives. Many activities are available for every age - from babies to grandparents.

Atwood Lake is located within some of Ohio's most scenic rolling hills about 25 miles southeast of Canton, with close access to I-77. It's about a two-hour drive from Columbus.

The varied and suit-every-taste accommodations are legendary. You can book a spacious room in the lodge, which has 104 guest rooms. Each room is extra- large, with either two double beds or a king-size bed. Most offer a view of the lake. In the same building are the indoor pool, the game room, the gift shop, the restaurants, and several comfortable living areas with TVs and music.

The food is nothing short of fantastic. The Lodge Grill is a full-service dining favorite with a beautiful view overlooking Atwood Lake and its surrounding wooded hillsides. Many find the Lakeview Lounge a popular alternative dining destination for lighter fare. Karaoke is a house favorite on most Friday and Saturday nights throughout the year.

The Chalet is the perfect spot when you're craving a juicy burger or other sandwiches. It's a great option when looking for something a little less than the Lodge Grill, with traditional favorites like pizza, French fries, onion rings and ice cream cones.

The vacation cabins are available year round. The shoreline cabins allow for total privacy amid the natural surroundings. Each lakeside cabin can accommodate up to 10 people and has four bedrooms, a combined living room and dining area with television, one-and-a-half baths, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Our stays reminded me of the cabin vacations of my childhood. Of course, there was no air conditioning then, and the furniture didn't match, but it was outside our concept of civilization, and even felt a little dangerous.

My cousins and I often sat outside near the cabin after dark and told ghost stories or pretended hostiles were peering at us from deep within the forest. Atwood's cabins, with all their modern conveniences and fresh towels every day, are a far cry from the truly primitive cabins of my youth, but they still manage to feel rustic and hidden away in the woods.

In addition to traditional hiking, there is biking, swimming, volleyball, golf, games, tennis and more. There are 14 marinas offering a wide choice of boats. Sometimes we would spend almost the whole day on a comfortable pontoon boat. During the winter when there is snow, there is "an awesome sledding hill," according to my grandson.

Maybe best of all are the wonderful surprises. Let me tell you about our favorite. As we set out for a hike one day, there was a rustle in the roadside brush. We stopped in our tracks just as a mother wild turkey emerged from the forest and strutted across the road followed by her five babies in perfect single-row formation. We'll never forget it.

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