Everything in its proper place

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

When I found out I was pregnant with our daughter nearly three years ago, we had just moved from a home we loved, downsized to a smaller place, and had purchased a piece of land on which to build our dream home for two.

But as you may have heard, baby changes everything. So we find ourselves trying to sell our house so we can buy a family dream home. Believe me, you haven't lived until you try to get your house ready for a showing with a toddler and two lap dogs in the way.

My daughter likes to play a little game called "follow Mommy and take out everything she just put away." She also gets quite a bit of amusement from putting little fingerprints over glass tabletops and windows just after I give them the streak-free treatment.

Packing everyone into my car is a major ordeal too, and it always seems like I am grabbing items at the last second and shoving them into the back seat just before we pull out of the driveway.

That would explain the bath towel, spatula and big girl potty seat camping out in my SUV right now. Sure, it's a pain, but I think (just like everyone else trying to sell their home) all the effort will pay off when someone buys the place.

As we try to find the perfect home, I have gotten a kick out of all the new gadgets and features that are inside. Remember mud rooms? They have gone high-tech. Now there are entire rooms that are meant to hold your computers, kids' coats and boots, sports equipment, backpacks and homework.

They come complete with built-in desks, docking stations, compartments and drawers. All meant to keep the family efficient by keeping everything in its place. None of your family's "stuff" ever has to make it into the main part of the house, and you can hide the bric-a-brac from visitors.

I already have one of these so-called family management areas, but I refer to it as the hall closet. No, I can't charge my cell phone or send an e-mail from it, but I can cram an awful lot of stuff into it and hide it from visitors. Sometimes I jump in there myself.

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