Off-season sports activities cease

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Grove City High School football coach Matt Jordan said it seems athletics has taken a step back in time.

With the May 5 failure of Issue 15, South-Western City Schools has closed all facilities to extracurricular activities.

"When we played 15 years ago, you didn't have summer practice," Jordan said. "You just showed up in August to get ready for the season. It would kind of be like that. You're kind of putting it in the kids' hands. Hopefully the kids are going to be responsible."

If an emergency operating levy passes Aug. 4, sports competition could return. Until then, athletes and their coaches are left without a formal offseason program.

If the levy passes Aug. 4, Grove City would have about three weeks to get ready for the opener, which Jordan expects will be Aug. 28.

Jordan said the athletes had planned their offseason workout regimen, and he expects them to stick with a summer workout routine.

"The only thing is I'm not going to be right there over them," he said.

The Central Crossing girls soccer team usually starts its 12-week voluntary summer conditioning program on the Monday after the last day of school, and players would condition for two hours Monday through Thursday until they were allowed to begin mandatory practice in August.

Now, the seniors on the team are attempting to recreate the same routine with two-hour morning practices at Murfin Field on Mondays through Thursdays without the benefit of coaches.

Central Crossing senior Bethany Ward, who hopes to coach, is helping organize the summer practices.

"We're hoping that the first hour that it's going to be a workout," Ward said. "The second hour is going to be like an open field. As a senior I really wanted to do this. I've always wanted to have a senior night."

Ward was hoping for a strong turnout, but she said some players have already decided to play club soccer in the fall and are not participating in the workouts.