Back to school; back to basics

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Yes, working moms, I hear your collective groan - Get those kids back to school already! But there's something that makes me a little melancholy around this time; wanting summer to last just a bit longer. That's why this issue is filled with good news.

First, take note: Columbus Parent Magazine is back in the free bins inside Kroger stores. No more $1 per copy, just free good stuff back where we used to be. We really thought that asking for $1 per copy (only in Kroger stores and only for charity) would resonate with readers who wanted to help non-profits in these trying times.

But, alas, our efforts weren't as well-received as we had hoped. But hey, you have to try new things to grow, right? And this just wasn't a good growth spurt for us. You'll also find us back in Blockbuster, Anderson's, Marc's and Discount Drug Mart stores. Tell your friends!

More good news: We're taking your kids back to school on a budget. That's right - all the stuff they need (that's need, not want) with essential tips from shopping guru TheBAG Lady. Also find the hottest new duds to dress your kiddos in, plus where to find them, from Columbus' own Wardrobe Therapy.

How about a brand-new interactive calendar on We've teamed up with the super-smart folks at to serve you with the best possible online tools to find things to do and keep your family organized. Read more about the partnership in our Seen & Noted section.

Want to know the best family-friendly TV shows coming out this fall? Check out our fall telly line-up for what to watch and what to avoid.

We've also turned a spotlight on Power 107.9 deejay, City. He's taken his hardscrabble upbringing to the streets to encourage local kids to make the best life choices. He may be visiting a school near you!

So, wow, that's a lot of good stuff. Let us know if you have something to say about our back to basics magazine distribution, or this month's articles in print and online (notice that swanky new commenting tool?). We really do keep you and your family in mind as we plan our stories and would love to hear from you.

For now, enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Then, it's back to reality.