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All of Baby, Nose to Toes

By Victoria Adler

"Who loves baby's eyes and nose, ears, tummy and toes?" asks this watercolor illustrated and baby-friendly book. Every member of the family loves baby, from nose to toes. Ages 03.

Camping Day

By Patricia Lakin

Author of the beloved Rainy Day and Beach Day adds camping to her topics in this humorous story about a family of crocodiles enjoying the great outdoors. As is the author's style, simple rhymes and innocent mishaps abound and add to the giggles. Ages 48.

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters

By Lenore Look

This follow-up to the first Alvin Ho (Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things) puts our hero in yet another sticky situation. Readers grow up with Alvin, so this book is slightly longer and a bit less illustrated than the first, but is still filled with the antics of our lovably nervous friend. Ages 610

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel

By Nikki Grimes

From award-winning author Nikki Grimes comes this first installment in her new series for early readers. Dyamonde Daniel doesn't let anyone or anything get her down, and her sassy spirit and awesome attitude end up being her greatest assets. Ages 710.

Ottoline Goes to School

By Chris Riddell

Ottoline doesn't mind going to school, and tries not to be afraid when she finds out it's haunted! Illustrations on every page give intelligent clues to the story line, but stop short of making this chapter book a graphic novel. Ages 812.

Creature of the Night

By Kate Thompson

Set in Ireland, Thompson tells of Bobby, a teen boy who thrives on rebellion and fearlessness. When his mother relocates the family to a small village, Bobby is made to face his own demons as he tries to figure out who exactly visits his new house - this creature of the night.

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