Making family chores easy

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This Chore Chart packet is easy to use. Just follow the directions and see how much easier maintenance, projects and chores can become.

Included in this packet are:

  • Weekly family chore chart
  • Weekly kids chore chart
  • Annual maintenance and project chart


If you really want to even out the chores and show family members exactly what it takes to run a household, use this chart. Fill all the blocks with the chores that fit your needs. Then have the family sit down and let everyone choose their chores.

Teaches compromise, models fairness.


  • Put each person's name or initials by the chore they are doing.
  • I suggest breaking down chores. Instead of "clean bathroom," break it up into "toilet," "tub," "sink and mirror," "floor." This is particularly good for young children who need things broken down into small steps. It also insures that all the details of each room get addressed.
  • Be flexible and be kind. It takes a while for people to learn new things. Be patient.
  • You can save this to the computer desktop, or put copies on the fridge, in kids' rooms, etc.


This is the same concept. Great for children who are too young to understand the "big picture," or are just learning to read and need more space to see.


  • Again, this can be kept on the desktop or printed out.
  • Feel free to edit and put your child's name on the top of the chart. Making it personal will feel special to kids.
  • Some families may want to print out a new copy each week and have family members check off or circle their accomplishments. If you want to save paper, just use the same list over and over.
  • I suggest a family activity at the end of the week to celebrate your achievements.


We all know how it goes. You look inside your oven and shudder. "What is that at the bottom and when is the last time I cleaned it?" If you are anything like me, you quickly shut the door, avoiding the dreaded cleaning. The only system I have found that reins me in is an annual chart. Simply check off the month that you plan to do the maintenance, including those well-intended projects that get pushed back month after month. See how much easier it can become if you simply record and check it each month.

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Printable charts

  • Weekly individual or family chore chart (.pdf)
  • Weekly chore chart for kids (.pdf)
  • Annual maintenance and project chore chart (.pdf)