Are you hiring? Beware of candidates who ...

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Columbus Parent

In a recent workshop for employers, a consultant presented participants with information on which applicants to reject as possible candidates to hire. Red flags for employers include:

1) Beware of candidates who quit jobs without notice Whenever possible, give employers adequate notice when resigning from a position. Never just stop going in the office, or not call. The provision of a notice demonstrates professional behavior. The standard notice for most jobs is two weeks, but it can vary based on industry and level of management.

2) Beware of candidates who arrive late for an interview Punctuality shows respect, both for you and for the interviewer. Arrive on time for all interviews.

3) Beware of candidates who cannot supply verifiable references Most employers require personal and professional references before hiring. Prior to an interview, be sure you have confirmed the names of the previous employer's, along with their contact information. Also, insist on complete information on personal references such as pastors, former teachers, etc. (Note: Most employers will not accept family members as references.)

4) Beware of candidates who reveal confidential information Potential employers lose respect for applicants who share private or confidential information, especially if confidentiality is an industry standard. Furthermore, they may fear that you will not be able to keep their company's matters private. Loose lips sink ships and interviews. Keep confidences to yourself.

5) Beware of candidates who present themselves in an unprofessional manner Potential employers are turned off by candidates who don't hold themselves to professional standards. Dress and act appropriately in all professional settings especially interviews.

For more information, contact New Directions Career Center (NDCC), a non-profit agency serving central Ohio at (614) 849-0028, extension 100. NDCC assists individuals regardless of their ability to pay.