Oh, puh-leeze!

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Columbus Parent

Ladies, we know why you picked up this month's issue. We know it's because of the great parenting information you can always count on each month. And we know it's because you're looking for low-cost, fun, family-friendly things to do around town.

We also know Kirk Herbstreit is the REAL reason. And - not to leave anyone out - you dads out there probably want to know his story too. But we moms also like looking at the pictures, if you know what I mean.

Okay, enough with the justifications. The truth is, Kirk Herbstreit has a lot to say - and it goes beyond TV broadcasting. His views on family life are both touching and smart (he admits his wife is "the boss"), and he has a lot to say about the importance of sports in the lives of children.

Also interesting: This story was written by ThisWeek Community Newspapers' sports editor, Lee Cochran, which gives the story a unique feel, not just because of Lee's extensive sports knowledge, but because his other job is being a dad.

Also in this issue: the Great Vaccination Debate. Oh, boy. I'm sure readers will have something to say, since this topic tends to bring out passionate opinions. If you have a comment, be sure to log on to ColumbusParent.com and post it at the end of the article. We love to hear what you have to say - you're important!

We'll also teach you how to handle an emergency should an unfortunate incident occur. You'll learn what to have on hand and measures to take in dire situations that may just save a life.

And get smart about asthma and allergies. Read this story to learn how to find out if your child has either one (or both) and what to do next. Learn about alternative treatments, school safety measures, and much more.

Finally, included in this issue is our annual Arts Guide. We all know how important the arts are in childhood development. Save this section and find the best creative outlet for your kids.

So if you read all the way to the bottom and only really heard "blah, blah, blah Kirk Herbstreit," I understand. But maybe when you stop staring at his photo and reading about what a really cool guy he is, you'll come back for the other great stuff in this issue.

Right now, though, I gotta go. Herbie is on ESPN!