Vaccine safety and immunization schedule

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Columbus Parent

With the increase in celebrity endorsement for vaccine refusal and the continued coverage of unfounded science over negative aspects of vaccines, we find that we need to educate parents and others over the safety and importance of vaccines.

The diseases that children are susceptible to are real and sometimes deadly if they do not follow the recommended vaccine schedule. With diseases on the rise like the H1N1 virus, herd immunity cannot be relied upon to keep your child healthy. Sadly, these outcomes and family heartbreaks can be prevented by choosing to vaccinate your child.

Recently the forgotten diseases, polio and pertussis (whooping cough), have made a huge comeback in society. Although many of us do not remember the impact of these historical diseases, they are very real and are causing life-altering outcomes and sometimes death for unprotected children in Ohio. Parents need to be scared of the diseases not the vaccines. Parents also need to evaluate why they are choosing to make their child vulnerable to a completely preventable, sometimes deadly situation.

The Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics is a leader in the State as far as educating the pediatric population on vaccine safety. Please visit for the latest information on vaccine health. You also may visit for the current recommended vaccine schedule. Together let's educate Ohio parents and keep our children safe.

Immunization schedule

Click here for the 2009 Ohio immunization schedule